Beautiful Fall Foliage in New England in 2020

The brilliantly colored maple trees of New England attract visitors every fall from around the world. This page is your portal to the best driving routes, and the places to eat and shop and visit in each New England state. Start by browsing this page to tips on travel, weather, foliage color reports, and what to pack. Then, choose a state to visit and see detailed descriptions of fall foliage attractions there. For each state, you will find:

  • Updated foliage reports and state maps
  • Scenic drives with maps
  • Places to eat and shop
  • Walking trails
  • Pick-Your-Own farms
  • Galleries and Museums and Places to Explore

  • Find a state:

  • Connecticut - Drives across rolling hills, farms and vineyards, antique hunting
  • Maine - Magnificent forests, scattered towns and farms, lobster and apples
  • Massachusetts - Lots of variety, from coastal towns to the lofty Berkshire Mountains
  • New Hampshire - Craggy White Mountains, brilliant lakes, long vistas
  • Rhode Island - Charming small towns, magnificent coastal drives
  • Vermont - Abundant maple groves, pretty towns in the river valleys

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    New England Fall Foliage

    Where to Stay

    Decide on your dates of travel and make reservations for inns, hotels, and motels early -- preferably starting in July or August. Lots of travelers are competing for hotel rooms in the fall, especially in the northern states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

    Find foliage-worthy excursions from these fine lodgings in:

  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • New England Fall Foliage

    Where to Find Color

    Click here to view the current New England Foliage report.

    Once foliage season begins the report will be regularly updated. Also, take a map and explore some of the small, back roads as you wander. Look for roadside signs for pick-your-own farms and farm stands, parks, and public wilderness areas. Get out of the car, stretch, and look around. Don’t be afraid to wander. Ask local people where to find high ground and good vistas.

     ne fall foliage

    Try It From Up in the Air

    Consider a foliage viewing adventure from above the treetops. You can do it on chair lift rides at many New England ski areas or on a thrilling flight in a hot air balloon. See Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Fall Foliage.

    New England Fall Foliage

    Clothing and Gear

    Even if days are warm, be prepared for chilly nights with long pants, long sleeves, and a sweater. Wear sneakers and jeans so that you can jump out of the car and scramble over a stone wall or ramble through a hillside meadow. Take a camera, but remember to put it down and just look around. Take visors and sunscreen and binoculars.

    New England Fall Foliage

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