About Visit New England & Mystic Media

Mystic Media, Inc. was formed in November 1993 to purchase the Mystic River Press, a start-up weekly newspaper in Mystic, Connecticut. The company is solely owned by Jonathan A. Lhowe, president.

In 1996 Mystic Media began developing additional media products. In January 1997 work began on developing regional travel and tourism Internet web sites.

The company's first site was Visit Mystic. The site contains extensive information that is useful for people planning travel to the area. It is supported by advertising. Revenue is produced by selling listings and links, as well as banner ads, to businesses seeking tourism dollars. Among the categories of advertiser are lodgings, retail, restaurants, attractions and charter boats.

Since 1996 Mystic Media built additional "visit" sites. Specifically:

Visit New England
Visit Vermont
Visit Rhode Island
Visit Maine
Visit Newport
Visit New Hampshire
Visit Connecticut
Visit Massachusetts
Visit Mystic
Visit Providence

On July 31, 1997 Mystic Media divested itself of its non-Internet properties so it could concentrate exclusively on the travel and tourism web sites.

Mystic Media is located in Warwick, Rhode Island.

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