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Cannabis Around Your Kids

How to Manage Your Cannabis Enjoyment Around Children

Vacation is a time when family living space may get very condensed. Depending on the trip you plan, the entire family may be gathered closely for long periods of time, for example, in the car. You get the idea – privacy is limited.

A convenient starting point is to think and talk with children about marijuana -- in whatever form – as an adult-use substance on par with a glass of wine or beer or spirits. These substances are not for kids.

So start by telling your children: marijuana is for adults. It is an intoxicant, which means it creates small changes in the brain that help people relax. Some people may also use it for medical reasons, for example, to help relieve pain. It is not appropriate for children. Never touch or play with mom’s or dad’s stash, pipe, gummies, etc., etc.

(You may already know that cannabis is sold at licensed retail stores in child-proof packaging. Still, parents will keep it stored out of sight from children.)

Older kids may know that use of marijuana is illegal or otherwise restricted in some places. They may have gotten the message that some people simply disapprove of smoking pot, regardless of its legal status.

Time for a history lesson. You may explain that in past decades, opposition to using marijuana was strong in this country. In recent decades, cannabis has been recognized by doctors as useful for some medical needs. Also, it is now considered less dangerous for recreational use that it was in the past. Many states have loosened their restrictions on the use of cannabis. You mom and dad use cannabis occasionally for simple enjoyment, but it is still not appropriate – and not allowed -- for kids.

Pretty straightforward, right? You got this, mothers and fathers.

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